Class starts at 9:30 and finishes before 17:30. (reception starts at 9:00)

3 Steps at Reception

Step 1 - Confirm Contract

First, meet Akemi and Ann at rececption to confirm your e-contract.

Go to this link if you haven't submitted your e-contract. 

Akemi Kajihara

Ann Young

Second, meet Kaori and Ray to confirm your registration and receive your name card and a group number.

Kaori Miyazaki

Angel Ray

Lastly, meet your group leader (teaching assistant). Receive handouts (course manual) and translation receivers (for Chinese only).

Katsumi Ifuku

Group 1

Nobuko Hasegawa

Group 2

Santaya Tseng

Group 3

Jacqui McGinn

Group 4

Now, secure your seat! 
The class starts around 9:30AM.